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Florian Habicht's Woodenhead (Original Soundtrack) & Woodenhead Reimagined

Year:  2022   ·  Duration:  1h 40m
Instrumentation:  cello, samples, drums, accordion, trumpet

Year:  2022
Duration:  1h 40m
Instrumentation  cello, samples, drums, acco...

Composer:   Marc Chesterman


Woodenhead Original Soundtrack by: Marc Chesterman with vocals and music by Mardi Potter and Steve Abel.

Woodenhead Reimagined songs by: Scott Mannion / Charlotte Yates / epsilon-blue / Mimi Gilbert / Demarnia Lloyd / Hermione Johnson / Chris Winter & GramAntler / Ryan Smith / Jeff Holdaway / Somme / Jeremy Veal / Seb Macaulay & Zoe Iannou / Craig Sengelow / Shaun D Wilson.

Woodenhead is an innocent yet often dark and subversive musical fairytale. A ‘Hansel and Gretel like’ journey through New Zealand towns, bush and forest.

Festival/Awards: 2003: New Zealand International Film Festival, 2003 Melbourne International Film Festival, Queensland Art Gallery / Gallery of Modern Art, Sitges International Fantastic Film Festival, Fantasporto Film Festival, Commonwealth Film Festival, Titanic Film Festival Budapest, Cardiff Film Festival 2021: Whānau Mārama: New Zealand International Film Festival (Colourised Version Premiere)

The entire dialogue and soundtrack for Woodenhead was pre-recorded. The visuals were then shot to the soundtrack, reversing the usual priority that is given to pictures. This technique allowed Woodenhead to first purely focus on sound, and during shooting, focus entirely on the visual performances. This also enabled an extraordinary combination of actors, musicians and real personalities that would otherwise not be possible. Limited edition double album vinyl includes the original soundtrack and an EP of new ‘Reimagined’ songs celebrating 20 years since the film's release.

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