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Le Chéile is in Aonar (Together but Apart)

for mixed ensemble

Year:  2010   ·  Duration:  25m
Instrumentation:  Two versions exist: 1. For traditional music ensemble (2 fiddles, 3 tin whistles, 2 Irish flutes, uilleann pipes) 2. For chamber orchestra with Irish traditional instruments

Year:  2010
Duration:  25m
Instrumentation  Two versions exist: 1. F...

Dave Flynn

Composer:   Dave Flynn

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Dave Flynn: Le Chéile is in...

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Programme Poem

Some people think Irish music all sounds the same
Perhaps because some tunes have the same DNA
They’ll start and end with the same little turn
But the notes in between are for those who discern
Well Seán Ó Ríada tried this first
He took two slip jigs and told his band to rehearse
Playing the tunes together at once
Now I thought to myself, that’s a clever little stunt
Then Seán’s son Peadar tried another way
He composed a tune with three parts to be played
The first time around the parts sound on their own
Then the parts combine into a new kind of tone
Now I’ve taken the Ó Ríada’s ideas to extremes
In the space of 20 minutes you’ll hear reams and reams
Of familiar tunes combined in counterpoint
Some of you might love it, some may wonder what’s the point
Whichever way you take it I’m sure you’ll agree
The musicians who are playing are of the highest pedigree
So please sit back and listen with open ears
Now welcome the musicians, as I disappear………….

(This programme poem was used to introduce the music at the premiere)

Commissioned note

Composed with the aid of a bursary from the Arts Council of Ireland’s Deis Scheme