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for piano trio

Year:  2020   ·  Duration:  9m 30s
Instrumentation:  piano trio

Year:  2020
Duration:  9m 30s
Instrumentation  piano trio

Composer:   Salina Fisher

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Salina Fisher: Kintsugi — V...

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PDF score & parts available at:
Click here to view the version for orchestra.

'Kintsugi’ draws inspiration from the ancient Japanese practice of repairing broken pottery with gold-dusted urushi (lacquer).

Rather than hiding the damage, kintsugi celebrates all the cracks or ‘scars’ for the unique history that they represent. The object is more beautiful for having been broken.

I am personally drawn to kintsugi as a metaphor for embracing 'brokenness' and imperfection as a source of strength. This piece for piano trio is my expression and exploration of kintsugi, and involves musical fragmentation, fragility, mending, and finding beauty in the 'cracks'.

Commissioned note

Commissioned by NZTrio