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for two violins and viola

  ·  Duration:  6m 6s

Duration:  6m 6s

Composer:   Anthony Ritchie

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Anthony Ritchie: Spirals — ...

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The piece is inspired by two sources: first, the beauty of the koru, the carved spiral shape in Maori culture based on an unfurling fern; second, an unfolding cycle of 3rds in the music that gradually rises from G-Bflat-D-F-A-C-E and back to G again. The chord sequence based on this cycle grows in size and energy until it reaches the loudest and highest point of the piece. Following this, the cycle goes backwards rapidly before being side-tracked into other tonalities. The overall mood of the piece is wistful, but also playful and enigmatic.

Commissioned note

Commissioned for Helene Pohl and Monique Lapins (violins) and Gillian Anselll (viola), for premiere at the 2019 Adam Chamber Music Festival on Waitangi Day.