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24 Preludes and Fugues for Piano

for solo piano

Year:  2012

Year:  2012

Composer:   John Emeleus

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John Emeleus: Fugue 11 (fro...

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John Emeleus: Prelude 11 (f...

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John Emeleus: Prelude and F...

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Sample Score

Sample: Prelude and Fugue No. 6 in D Minor (from Book One)

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In 2010–2011, Christchurch, Canterbury and other parts of the South Island were savaged by several powerful earthquakes. The 24 Preludes and Fugues were composed during the time of the earthquakes as an artistic reply to those awful events. This music is also a tribute to my fine teachers of composition, Dr Paul Steinitz and Dr Howard Ferguson, whilst a student at the Royal Academy of Music (1957-1960). They reflect my deep admiration for the monumental works of J S Bach and Dmitri Shostakovitch in this genre. I had no specific performer in mind at the time of their composition.

The choice of composing music in a form with such an amazing historical significance, was a simple one to make. Shostakovitch composed his masterpiece about 200 years after Bach and some contemporary composers who have also worked in this genre. My 24 Preludes and Fugues is a work comprised of 48 little pieces. Their composition was certainly a challenge but always an absorbing and enjoyable one.

The preludes and fugues are tonal works. I feel that if a composition is designated as being in a specific key then there should be a strong feeling of tonality. There is still plenty of scope for originality. My hope is that these works will give pleasure to both performers and listeners.

Dedication note

to the memories of Howard Ferguson and Paul Steinitzl Steinitz

Contents note

24 preludes and fugues in all major and minor keys