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for percussion quartet

Year:  2009   ·  Duration:  9m
Instrumentation:  Percussion I: Vibraphone, Glockenspiel, 2 x Roto-Toms (8” and 10”) / Percussion II: Marimba, 1 x Bass Drum (with pedal), 1 x Claves / Percussion III: 2 x Timpani (32” and 26”), 1 x 20”(or 18”) Cymbal, 1 x 22” (or 20”) Sus. Cymbal, 1 x Bell Tree, 1 x Medium Cowbell, 1 x Tambourine, 2 x Bongos (standard), 1 x Crotales (one octave), 4 x Temple Blocks, 2 x Timbales (14” and 15”) / Percussion IV: 1 x Bass Drum, 1 x Snare Drum, Tom Toms (12”, 13” and 16”), 1 x 16” (or 18”) Suspended Cymbal, 1 x Guiro, 1 x Rain Stick, 1 x Triangle, 1 x Flexatone, 1 x Ratchet, 1 x Wind Chimes, 1 x Maraca

Year:  2009
Duration:  9m
Instrumentation  Percussion I: Vibraphone, G...

Alissa Long

Composer:   Alissa Long

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Alissa Long: Scherzo — VIDEO

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Sample: instrumentation pages + pages 23–26 of score

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Scherzo is a piece which describes emotions such as joy, anger, sadness and fear and personifies these through the percussion performers. Throughout our daily lives we can quickly switch between these different emotions, and our experiences are coloured by them. When we interact with each other, the way we express ourselves and perceive others is greatly influenced by our unstable emotional states, creating complex social dynamics.

The composer uses irregular rhythm, tempo and time signature relationships in order to recreate the characteristics of these interactions as emotions flow, spread, morph, and influence each other.