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Ngā Rangi Tūhāhā

for orchestra

Year:  2018   ·  Duration:  5m 10s

Year:  2018
Duration:  5m 10s

Reuben Rameka

Composer:   Reuben Rameka

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Reuben Rameka: Ngā Rangi Tū...

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In Maori Mythology, 'Ngā Rangi Tuhaha' (the bespaced or separated heavens) refers to the different realms of heaven (or Rangi) that lie above Papatūānuku (earth mother). Ngā Rangi Tuhaha is a three-movement piece for orchestra, each describing the first three (out of 10) realms of heaven. The three heavens are, counting upwards from earth:

1. Kiko-rangi – ruled over by a sky god Toimau. Tāwhiri-mā-tea, the god of weather, resides here, so this heaven is also known as the home of the winds.

2. Waka-maru – the heaven of sunshine and rain.

3. Ngā-roto – the heaven of lakes. The spray splashing over is the rain and hail in our world. Ruled over by the god Maru.

The first three heavens are ruled over by Maru. He was known everywhere, but his place was not clearly defined. In the South Island he is the god of war, and seemingly usurped the position from Tū-mata-uenga. In other places, he is known as the god of fresh water such as streams and rivers.

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in three movements