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for solo Bb Clarinet

Year:  2018   ·  Duration:  3m 30s

Year:  2018
Duration:  3m 30s

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Matthew Beardsworth: Jellyf...

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This composition seeks to mimic the pulsating motions of the jellyfish and the sharp stings it can inflict upon the unweary beachgoer. On the beaches of New Zealand can often be found blue Portuguese man o' war, especially in summer as the temperatures rise, leading to official warnings and alerts by lifeguards.

The gelatinous aquatic organism is represented by two motivic areas, one with an uneven rising and falling flow based on the syllables of the word "jellyfish", the other consisting of extremely high accents, representing the pain of the stings and intended to be played forcefully and harshly. Atonality is enhanced by avoiding using the same note in each bar as much as possible.

To be played molto rubato, with an ebbing and surging tempo like the ocean waves and the undulating jellyfish.