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Reflection; Refraction; Dispersion

for harp duo

Year:  2018   ·  Duration:  11m

Year:  2018
Duration:  11m

Glen Downie

Composer:   Glen Downie

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Reflection; Refraction; Dispersion - all reference the play of light. In this piece the musical material, based upon polychords/composite triads, slowly transforms, the shifting voicings (the refractions and dispersions) fluidly exploring the many harmonic colours through a changing lens.

The reflection also applies to a personal reflection, upon my love for the music of the 20th century, and maps a sort of harmonic timeline, traversing through the many ways pitch has been organised over that period. From the clear bi-tonality, reminiscent of the early 20th century and impressionism, that begins the piece; to the 12 note harmonic fields (a la Lutoslawski and others, mid century) and even incorporating techniques as diverse as spectralism and chromatic approaches in jazz voicings, the work tries to connect and evolve through these as if they were situated on a seamless continuum, like that of light.

Dedication note

dedicated to the New Zealand Harp Duo