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White Kingdom

for brass trio

Year:  2016 Instrumentation:  trumpet in C, horn in F, tenor trombone

Year:  2016
Instrumentation  trumpet in C, horn in F, te...

Composer:   Helen Bowater

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I composed this piece when awarded the University of Otago Wallace Pah residency in 2016.

Its five sections relate to stories of Polynesia:

  1. Tuli
    Tuli, the bird messenger of Tangaloa, god of the sea, searches endlessly for a place to rest. The distinctive “song” of this snipe is produced by tail feathers. Eventually Tangaloa threw rocks into the ocean for Tuli. These became the islands of Tonga and Samoa.

  2. White Kingdom
    In Hawaiian legend this is the realm of the moon goddess Lona who carried her mortal love to the White Kingdom on her wings.

  3. Kupua
    Hawaiian legend describes these creatures as monsters, mischief makers and shape shifters.

  4. Silent Country
    In Cook Island lore this is the realm at the bottom of the primordial ocean.

  5. Pele
    This powerful, destructive and unpredictable Hawaiian fire goddess lives in the crater of Kilanea volcano.

Commissioned note

Composed for ACE Brass during the University of Otago Wallace Residency at the Pah Homestead