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for string quartet

Composer:   Martin Lodge


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'Everything flows, nothing is stationary' (Heraclitus)

Inspired by the idea of flow, of fluid movement and the reality of constant change, the three parts of 'Stream' reflect thinking about aspects of movement and human consciousness of movement. This includes movement of the human body, of natural elements like air and water, but also the flow created by machines and of digital data. We may be able to constrain time and change for a little while, using technology or with memory, or we may retain connections to past things through remembered song.

‘Run’ suggests the way rapid physical movement can spill across clock time and mechanical measurements. ‘Hold’ presents variations on a forgotten song; the simple melody gradually evolves through repetition. ‘Drive’ balances unyielding rhythmic repetition with outbursts of melody. All three are motivated by aspects of flow and movement as we humans experience it.

Contents note

I. Run
II. Hold
III. Drive