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Orchestra Chromatica

for orchestra

Year:  2018   ·  Duration:  6m 30s
Instrumentation:  3**23*3*; 4331; timp., 4 perc; hp; strings | (Perc: snare drum, cymbals, tam-tam, bass drum, vib.)

Year:  2018
Duration:  6m 30s
Instrumentation  3**23*3*; 4331; timp., 4 pe...

Composer:   Jonathan Besser

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Orchestra Chromatica is another work in my on going 'Gimel Harmonic Atonal ' series. It was written in July 2018.

In my 'Gimel Harmonic Atonal' music - I use three as my guiding number. Gimel is the third Letter in the Hebrew alphabet.

I further compose this music employing my 'Chaconne method' - I introduce three triadic major chords - G, then C, then Eb. Then rather than repeating the same three chords, I raise the three chords up in pitch on each repeat, each time by a 1/2 step (the next note in the chromatic scale) ....... next is Ab, then Db, then E. In this piece I'm always rising up - A D F etc. I systematically move through all 12 'key centres' atonally three times throughout the piece. It's music as structured as Bach and Schoenberg. Strangely, the audience is unaware the music is always raising ..... fine. But one could feel subtly 'harmonically' elevated by the end.

'Orchestra Chromatica' music is also designed on three-bar phrases - the shifting melodies always move 'harmonically' with the raising chords.

Forget all that! - just appreciate my hopefully attractive new 'Gimel Harmonic Atonal' music.

Contents note

one movement