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for solo piano

Year:  2017

Year:  2017

Composer:   Celeste Oram

Films, Audio & Samples

Celeste Oram: $cher.zo - VIDEO

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Stephen De Pledge: A New Ze...

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quinella eleven seventy trifecta forty-seven forty
one eleven three and eight with Venetian Beauty for a first four
of a hundred and fifty-eight sixty two minutes out
we’re racking a Beale meeting thirteen race eight number four five ten into four thirty
Twilight Maneuver the seven five into four ninety
Unique Storm the ten five out to five ninety
and Jura Canyon number nine
uh eight dollars into seven thirty Ackerboy number eight eight forty
drifted out to nine dollars thirty Adam Crettenden seven ten twelve and four to open the final treble

he is the one Richard Cully six one seventy-six out seven up
and three dollars and ninety cents
Matt the one the two the six and the nine first of a treble
second leg two one three six and the third leg the one the two the seven and the four

at two dollars ninety numbers three five and nine
three five quinella thirty-five sixty three five nine
five-hundred and fifteen dollars twenty
three five nine and two
and the uh quinella uh returned fourteen hundred and thirty dollars even

two one five four-hundred and thirteen dollars forty
two one five ten twelve-hundred and thirty-three fifty
double four-two fifty-five and thirty-four with one

— transcribed from TAB Trackside Radio

Commissioned note

Written for Stephen de Pledge's NZ Partita Project