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Going Up East Cape (Atmosphere 1)

for orchestra

Year:  2016   ·  Duration:  7m 15s
Instrumentation:  3**3*3*3*; 4321; timp, 3 perc; hp; strings | (Perc: vibraphone, bass drum, cymbals, tam-tam, tambourine)

Year:  2016
Duration:  7m 15s
Instrumentation  3**3*3*3*; 4321; timp, 3 pe...

Composer:   Jonathan Besser

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This piece was conceived and initially 'sketched out' following a car trip around the East Cape' in Late spring 2016.

The Harmonic structure of the piece is based on my 'Chromatic Chaconne' System. In my 'Chromatic Chaconne' music, I choose a 3 chord sequence and once this sequence is played the music transposes 'up a key' or 'down a' Key. For instance the chords in this piece go 'D min. G min. Eb' then they move to 'Db min. Gb min. D'.

The shifting music gives some 'glimpses' into the feelings of being in the open isolated rolling East Cape landscapes, with the 'back drop' of high dark mountains , the always moving cloudy seascapes and the colourful people of the land there.