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Work tones...

for toy piano

Year:  2014

Year:  2014

Diana Blom

Composer:   Diana Blom


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In English, earth tones usually refer to 'natural' colours associated with the earth but there are also earth tones which are sounded. tones... for toy piano, composed for Antonietta Loffredo, Italian toy pianist and pianist, draws on sounds imagined and heard – from Deleuze and Guattari's description of Bateson's use of the word 'plateau' as 'a continuous vibrating region of intensities...' which adopts aspects of the style of Bach's slow movement melodic line and accompanying bass; patterns of water movement – rain and river; to bells of Mostar, Prague and King's Lynn Minster's 11.30 chime heard on visits.

The piece, written for a Schoenhut Traditional Spinet with 25 keys – 2 octaves C to C – explores the sonorities and dynamic intensities of the toy piano and Loffredo's sensitive and evocative playing style.

The score is written one octave lower than actually sounding.