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Jung's Shadow

for cello and piano

Year:  2014

Year:  2014

Composer:   Jeroen Speak

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Jeroen Speak: Jung's Shadow...

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Jung's Shadow was written in 2013 for Severine Ballon and Mark Knoop.

The Jungian ‘Shadow’ can include anything outside of the conscious world, a reservoir for human darkness, and the seat of creativity. The musical starting point is primarily gestural and ‘pre-gestural’, representing attempts to grasp something before it becomes symbolized, perhaps an extension of my previous interest in the writings of the Brazilian philosopher Vilem Flusser, this work seeks to establish a mode of working in the first person, avoiding the ‘ego’ by eschewing constructive and formal approaches in favor of more instinctive and local ones.

Performance history

21 Oct 2014: Performed by Séverine Ballon (cello) and Mark Knoop (piano) at the Rare Earth Concert at City University London, in London.