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Ukare Funk

for percussion quartet

Year:  2008   ·  Duration:  6m 30s
Instrumentation:  taiko drums

Year:  2008
Duration:  6m 30s
Instrumentation  taiko drums

Gareth Farr

Composer:   Gareth Farr


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The composer writes:

'Commissioned as the finale of Strike's new show Elemental, Ukare Funk explores different ways of finding syncopation within a triple (compound) beat, and complicated cross rhythms playing against more steady groove rhythms is a major feature of the piece's rhythmic textures. It also uses an unusual time signature throughout the piece - 4+5/8 alternating with 4+6/8 - which in simpler language sounds like a regular bar of four beats with a little bit left over at the end!

The piece is inspired by Japanese taiko drumming and uses Strike's newly-made taiko drums. "Ukare" is, as a musical term, Japanese for a swung or compound beat. In everyday usage it also means "letting go" or "throwing caution to the wind and enjoying yourself", which I think sums up the mood of the piece perfectly. And funk? - well, that speaks for itself!'

Commissioned note

Commissioned by STRIKE

Performance history