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a sound installation

Year:  2011

Year:  2011

Jason Post

Composer:   Jason Post

Films, Audio & Samples

Jason Post: Sirens; video

Embedded video
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The primary concern of this sound based work is the space it inhabits. The space between the sliding doors of the Adam Art Gallery usually goes unnoticed. Its qualities are masked by its functionality as an entranceway. This work aims to draw visitors in and to entice them to take notice of their immediate surroundings, however momentary and seemingly incidental. As one walks through the speaker array, human voices replace the soft sine tones, and may follow them as they pass through. The space becomes a siren- like trap as the beauty of the harmony motivates them to stay. This may also make for a potentially uncomfortable experience.

Contents note

Dimensions variable

Performance history

29 Aug 2011: Installation exhibited at Adam Art Gallery, in Wellington.