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for saxophone quartet

Year:  2005 Instrumentation:  soprano saxophone, alto saxophone, tenor saxophone, baritone saxophone

Year:  2005
Instrumentation  soprano saxophone, alto sax...

Composer:   Natalie Hunt

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Sample Score

Sample: pages 3-8

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Ulla is inspired by a Finnish gypsy story about a woman named "Ulla", who was determined to live her life as she chose. She was very strong, beautiful, and widely respected. She enjoyed her independence and had decided to never marry. But in those days, if a man wanted a woman to become his wife, all he had to do was kidnap her. One day as she was sleeping, two men saw her and decided to carry her away. When Ulla awoke she was furious! As a strong woman, she would have been able to fight, had she been awake. But Ulla was very smart, and saw she could escape yet. She tricked the men into taking her to the house of some friends. Her friends came to her aid and the men were forced to leave. Ulla regained her independence, and wrote a song to document her kidnapping.

This piece is a light-hearted celebration of her strength of character.

Dedication note

Dedicated to Saxcess