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Solar Wind

for orchestra

Year:  2011   ·  Duration:  5m
Instrumentation:  2*222; 4331; timp., 3 perc.; cel, hp; strings (perc: crotales, tubular bells, snare drum, vibraphone w/ motor, marimba and bass drum)

Year:  2011
Duration:  5m
Instrumentation  2*222; 4331; timp., 3 perc....

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The solar wind permeates space to create the region of which a solar system is defined. Emerging from the source of a star, this gust of particles involves huge entropy. Chaos and order are two formal features which create the boundaries of sound-worlds in the music. Much like the ionising solar-particles in the earth's atmosphere, so light emission and diffusion is important in the music these light traces existing either in organised patterns or in random arrays. However the music exists much in its own dimensions and with its own structures. Here, harmony is a sequence of extrapolating pitch patterns of which at times merges through the micro-chromatic divisions. The sections of the orchestra both separate and merge in the purpose of colouring the spectrum of emerging light. Much of this music has no correlation to anything else, and yet both music and 'anything else' share an intrinsic fundamental: the language of concept and structure. An abstract existing in more than one 'world' is, in my opinion, a fascinating realisation.