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Five Bagatelles

for piano

Year:  2009   ·  Duration:  9m

Year:  2009
Duration:  9m

Composer:   Jillian Bray

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Sample Score

Sample: 3. Irrepressible, bars 1-4

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Sample Score

Sample: 4. Look for the Rainbow, bars 4-9

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Sample Score

Sample: 1. Tell Me a Story, bars 1-4

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Sample Score

Sample: 2. Kokako Dreaming, bars 1-5

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Sample Score

Sample: 5. Runaway, bars 16-19

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This series was written in 2008 from the perspective of a grandparent. The titles indicate the programmatic idea the composer had in mind. In performance, the composer intends all five Bagatelles to follow one another in sequence.

  1. Tell Me a Story – Grandparents become skilled in this occupation. Let the music suggest its own story line.

  2. Kokako Dreaming – others of its kind, a loss to future generations.
    The North Island Kokako is on the endangered list: a secretive bird, most likely to be seen after dawn when it often perches to sing in the open. This piece does not mimic its song, but is rather a lament for its South Island counterpart now extinct, as are many other native New Zealand birds.

  3. Irrepressible – Ragtime seems an appropriate style for this piece.

  4. Look for the Rainbow – maybe a ploy to distract an unruly grandchild! A piece expressing Romanticism typical of this composer.

  5. Runaway – Escape from said grandparent who regrets the inability to keep up with the young!

Difficulty note

Approx. Grade 6 level