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O Cambodia

for mixed chamber sextet

Year:  2011 Instrumentation:  violin, cello, piano, chhing bowl, narrator, soprano, khloy, drums, paipork, sneng

Year:  2011
Instrumentation  violin, cello, piano, chhin...

Jack Body

Composer:   Jack Body

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Sample Audio

Sample: 0'00" - 1'00" VII: Punishment

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Cambodia’s long, chequered history spans the vibrant, ancient Khmer culture to the country’s hopeful, modern aspect, but is overshadowed by the devastation of the Pol Pot regime. More than 1.7 million people perished through starvation, disease, overwork and execution, including most of the country’s artists and intellectuals. Now a widespread effort has been made to preserve the country’s 1,000-year-old arts, which were on the brink of extinction.

Cambodia’s tragic recent history provides the inspiration for O Cambodia.

Contents note

  1. Anthem I
  2. Proverb I
  3. Don't Protest
  4. Proverb II
  5. Regulations
  6. Smot (Buddhist sung poetry)
  7. Punishment
  8. Anthem II

Performance history

17 Mar 2011: Performed by NZTrio and Tray So Ensemble at the Auckland Arts Festival 2011 at the Auckland Town Hall Concert Chamber

18 May 2014: NZTrio | O Cambodia - Beijing Modern Festival

20 May 2014: NZTrio | O Cambodia - Shanghai

22 May 2014: NZTrio | O Cambodia - Composers Association of Zhejiang Province

24 May 2014: NZTrio | O Cambodia - Sichuan Conservatory

27 May 2014: NZTrio | O Cambodia - Guangxi Festival of South East Asian Music

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