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In veils concealed...

for piano

Year:  2009   ·  Duration:  5m

Year:  2009
Duration:  5m

Tony Lin

Composer:   Tony Lin


There are times when fragments of a memory or thought, usually nostalgic, unexpectedly appear in my mind. Although beyond comprehension, these reflective, fleeting moments often induce a wistful mood. To realize this concept in music, I have tried to express this feeling by using a metaphor of bright veils that conceal these elusive thoughts, and a light, like an epiphany, briefly shining through and dimly revealing the substance behind them.

In this piece, a thought may appear, incomplete but lingering there, leaving one with the feeling that there are more elements to it that remain unheard, hidden. A musical gesture may materialize but disappear halfway as if entering a metaphysical realm. These gestures drift upwards in the high register of the piano, as though being carried off in a daydream.

In veils concealed… was commissioned by John Chen especially for his New Zealand recital tour in July 2009, with funding assistance from the Arts Foundation of New Zealand.

Commissioned note

Commissioned by John Chen specially for his NZ recital tour in July 2009, with funding assistance from the Arts Foundation of New Zealand

Performance history

11 Jul 2009: John Chen: Kerikeri

13 Jul 2009: John Chen: Motueka

14 Jul 2009: John Chen: Nelson

17 Jul 2009: John Chen: Waikato

18 Jul 2009: John Chen: Tauranga

19 Jul 2009: John Chen: Putaruru

21 Jul 2009: John Chen: Whangarei

26 Jul 2009: John Chen: Wanganui

27 Jul 2009: John Chen: Upper Hutt

28 Jul 2009: John Chen: Wanaka

12 Oct 2009: Piano Recital – Tony Lin

30 Apr 2010: Tony Lin Recital

23 Jul 2010: Tony Lin Recital: Christchurch

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