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from a fixed point

for chamber sextet

Year:  2009   ·  Duration:  10m
Instrumentation:  for flute (doubling piccolo and alto flute), B flat clarinet, bass clarinet, bass trombone, cello and double bass

Year:  2009
Duration:  10m
Instrumentation  for flute (doubling piccolo...

Composer:   Rachael Morgan

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Performed by 175 East on 15 August 2009

Rachael Morgan: From a fixe...

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For a while now, I have had an interest in the nature of sound and timbral nuances. In this piece I also explored the concept of vibration and movement around a fixed point.

Fixed points appear in many guises through-out the work, at times they are explicit, other times more implicitly implied, particularly later in the piece. In all cases the focus is on timbre and movement within a sound.

The piece begins in a strong and solid soundworld. Here, pitch is a clear fixed point with the intention of drawing the listener’s attention to subtle timbral variations.

Pitch is certainly not the only reference point. Distortion and interference of both soundwaves and textures are also important elements of the work. These become stronger features as the material begins to destruct in a gradual shift towards instability. This move from stasis and stability, to instability and fragility is also highlighted by an evolution of instrumental techniques.

from a fixed point was commissioned by 175 East with funding from Creative New Zealand.

Commissioned note

Commissioned by 175 East with funding from Creative New Zealand

Performance history

13 Aug 2009: 175 East concert

15 Aug 2009: 175 East concert