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interactive video installation

Year:  2008

Year:  2008

Composer:   Philip Dadson


BODYTOK is a sonicsfromscratch video and sound project by Phil Dadson, with interactivity design by James Charlton. This is a 3 screen trial towards a larger public gallery installation.

Over the past three years, Dadson has been compiling the ‘human instrument archive’. He says: “The first instrument is the human body and the human instrument is the most unpredictable and unique of all. From childhood worldwide humans explore the sonic potential of their bodies, often discovering a unique and/or individual sound. I had some expectations of this variety, but when I started asking people to show me their unique sounds, I was astounded by the invention.”

For BODYTOK, Dadson has produced three preliminary videos from his archive, each one a compilation of individuals performing their distinctive sounds. The video-sound clips are presented in a three screen interactive video installation that allows viewers to ‘play’ the work.

Performance history

09 Sep 2008: BODYTOK