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Concerto for Piano and Orchestra

for piano and orchestra

Year:  2007   ·  Duration:  30m

Year:  2007
Duration:  30m

Gao Ping

Composer:   Gao Ping

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Sample Score

Sample: Page 1-4 of each movement.

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Sample Audio

Sample: 1st Movement - 3'20'' to 4'20'', 7'42'' to 8'50'' 2nd Movement - 1'25'' to 2' 17'', 2'58'' to 3'58'', 5'32'' to 6'30''

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Concerto for Piano and Orchestra is untitled but the music is hardly “absolute”. On the contrary, it is often extroverted, evocative, and full of passionate expression. The piece is both a concerto, in terms of the amount of writing for the piano (including three extended cadenzas), and also a symphony since it has an equally demanding role for the orchestra. The relationship between the two forces alternates between independence and embracement.

The first movement, in moderate tempo, is lyrical in nature and evolves around singing lines. The melodic style shares similarities with the music of some of the nationalities of Southern China, for example, of the Miao people.

The second movement has a long slow introduction which unfolds from a series of mysterious chords. They form the basis for the rest of the movement that becomes fast and virtuosic, combining dancing rhythms and long melodic lines. The whole work evokes an atmosphere of songs and dances of ancient times.

Concerto for Piano and Orchestra was commissioned by Professor Jack Richards who is an ardent supporter of New Zealand music. I played the 1st performance with New Zealand Symphony Orchestra conducted by Keneth Young in the Wellington Town Hall in May 2008.

Gao Ping, August 2008

Commissioned note

Commissioned by Prof. Jack Richards

Contents note

two movements

Performance history

09 May 2008: Made in NZ: 2008