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Postcards from Eden

for chamber ensemble of twelve players

Year:  2007 Instrumentation:  for flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon; horn, trumpet, trombone; violins (2), viola, cello and double bass

Year:  2007
Instrumentation  for flute, oboe, clarinet, ...

Chris Adams

Composer:   Chris Adams

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Postcards from Eden
(i) Los Angeles International Airport (LAX)
10 hours Feb 2003
by Chris Adams

“So God sent them out of the Garden of Eden and made them cultivate the soil from which they had been formed.”

Fake Palms
Blue and Green Fluorescents
Oasis in a concrete jungle.

American Flag hanging limply
Between two concrete towers
Like the defeated Sampson
Set to bring the ceiling down.

Increased Security
More Freedom
Only in America

Armed chairs discourage sleep

“Gateway to America”
– Not a place to stop.

Commissioned note

Written for Gate Seven

Performance history

14 Nov 2007: GateSeven concert

03 Dec 2007: Performed by GateSeven - Amanda Slater (flute/piccolo), Louise Cox (oboe), Janina Paulo (clarinet), Lucy O’Neill (bassoon), Abbey Edlin (horn), Dave Kempton (trumpet), Grant Sinclair (trombone), James Jin and Claire Macfarlane (violins), Michael Joel (viola), Janet Holborrow (cello), and Simon Eastwood (double bass), conducted by Justus Rozemond at St Matthew's Collegiate School, in Masterton

06 Nov 2022: ACO presents Eight on the Radio

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