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for flute/piccolo and electronic sounds

Year:  2007

Year:  2007

John Elmsly

Composer:   John Elmsly

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John Elmsly: ...formettel.....

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The original idea for this piece was suggested by the the music performed by the Sumatran Si Galegale puppetry ensemble in the 2007 Asia Pacific Festival, though in no way is it a transcription or even an imitation. I love simple rhythmic ostinati and was determined to make a piece that would build on these; as you will hear the piece falls naturally into three sections. All of the electronic sounds have been created from a short selection of unusual flute sounds recorded by Mette, with the exception of the meditative bells of the middle section which come from a favourite casserole.

Commissioned note

This word was commissioned by Mette Leroy

Mette Leroy

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