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Palimpsest (after Marais)

for violin and piano

Year:  2003

Year:  2003

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A palimpsest is twice-used writing material, where partly erased writing can be seen underneath more recent writing. In this work, the 'partly erased writing' is the 'Folies d'Espagne' from the Second Book of Pieces for the Viol (1701) by Marin Marais. (It is often, however, played on the flute).

Throughout the work, the original version by Marais can often be heard, but is coloured and transformed by the 'more recent writing'. This work was originally written for flute and piano and was commissioned for the International Registered Teachers Millennium Festival Conference in January 2000 at Victoria University, Wellington. The festival conference theme was 'Bach to the Future'. In 2003, the piece was re-worked for violin and piano for Stephanie, Kaye's granddaughter.