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In Character

for SA choir and piano

Year:  2006

Year:  2006

David Hamilton

Composer:   David Hamilton

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Sample Score

Sample: The first page of each movement

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My original thought was to call this cycle of pieces for choir 'Odd Characters', for each piece describes the actions of someone just that little bit 'different' from the ordinary. Once again I've turned to the poetry of American Jack Prelutsky. His children's poetry is widely published and anthologised, and ideal for choral music suited to school age choirs.

The first piece is about a home handyman father who just won't stop trying to fix things. The title, I Wish My Father Wouldn't Try to Fix Things Anymore sums it up nicely. Needless to say his efforts meet with limited success. The second piece is about someone who loves bugs, in fact calling them his or her 'close companions'. The third piece is a song about Frenetica Fluntz who always has to do several things at the once, a true multi-tasker! The final song, Dixxer's Excellent Elixir, is about Dexter Dixxer and his strange elixir that has a range of odd and unexpected effects on him. However he's quite happy to share it with his brother!

Contents note

  1. I Wish My Father Wouldn't Try to Fix Things Anymore
  2. Bugs! Bugs!
  3. Frenetica Fluntz
  4. Dixxer's Excellent Elixir

Text note

Text by Jack Prelutsky