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Beyond Ten Octaves

for daegum, kayagum, and percussion

Year:  2006   ·  Duration:  5m

Year:  2006
Duration:  5m

John Elmsly

Composer:   John Elmsly

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John Elmsly: Beyond Ten Oct...

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This is an expanded version of a musical tribute to Professor Sung Jae Lee on the occasion of his eightieth birthday, composed for the Festschrift published with his complete works at the time (October 2005). Behind the original piece are my thanks for his friendship and many kindnesses and our warm association as members of the Asian Composers League especially during the time from 1997 to 2002 when I was a member of the Executive Committee. More generally the piece combines aspects of West and East, which I see as one of the joys of the music to be heard in many ACL countries, music that has aspects of both Eastern and Western traditions whether simply at the level of instrumentation or more deeply rooted in theory, and represents a positive internationalism without lacking regional peculiarities.

Dedication note

to Professor Sung Jae Lee on the occasion of his 80th birthday

Performance history

13 Feb 2007: Performed by the Contemporary Music Ensemble Korea as part of the Asia Pacific Festival 2007, Wellington