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for electronics

  ·  Duration:  7m

Duration:  7m

Composer:   William Harsono


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There are two main ideas within this piece; the first is to create a three-dimensional sound world, and the second to express my hidden personality and feelings. I wanted the audience to hear objects moving not only between left and right, but up and down, forward and backward. I also tried to put the audience into a meditative mood and bring them to either my or their subconscious world. The text used in this piece is my own; its meaning is metaphorical. Different people may read it to mean diverse things, depending on their background. It is helpful, but not necessary, to understand the original language used, becauase the texts contain subliminal thoughts and feelings. As I wanted listeners to enjoy the work as sound without being distracted by the meaning of the text, the vocal part is integral to the soundscape.