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Aeolian Harp Sounds


  ·  Duration:  7m

Duration:  7m

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'Aeolian Harp Sounds': In 1999, I designed an Aeolian Harp within a sculpture that would assist the wind flow across the strings, and provide a suitable resonant space in which people could enjoy the sounds. In 2000, I constructed a small working model for display in the Christchurch Botanical Gardens as part of 'Scape: New Zealand Community Trust Art + Industry' Urban Arts Biennial 2002.

Aeolian Harps are magical instruments played by the wind. Traditionally, all the strings are tuned to the same pitch, but on this recording the strings have been tuned randomly. The variety of sounds that an Aeolian Harp can produce is astonishing: always ethereal and beautiful. I have been elated with the success of the project and the response from the public. Both the sounds of the harp and the instrument itself seem to have a cognisant persona that has lead me on a spellbinding journey for the last twenty-five years.

Over this time, I have developed the design to include several unique innovations such as bridges that allow the strings to lie perpendicular to the soundboard as opposed to parallel to it. In some ways, I feel that as a composer, this is the first project where I have had some real communication with the community. in other ways, however, I often feel that it is not I doing the communicating: rather it is Gaia or some undefined sentient energy that embodies the earth. All I have done is simply construct a device that 'unlocks' these sounds. To me, this is why the sounds have such a magical, even spiritual quality. These sounds are best played softly.

Performance history

04 Sep 2002: Performance at Archery Lawn, Christchurch Botanical Gardens

15 May 2005: Performed during New Zealand Day in the New Zealand garden of the Arboretum at the University of California, Santa Cruz, USA

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