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Seven Mediaeval Lyrics

for SATB choir and piano duet

Year:  1973

Year:  1973

Edwin Carr

Composer:   Edwin Carr


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Contents note

I. Canso — 'Softly sighs the April air' (Arnaut Daniel, 1180–1210)
II. The Unicorn (Philippe de Thaon, 1121–35)
III. Moon (Anon.)
IV. Cantiga de Amigo — 'On the greening grasses' (Pero Meogo, fl. 1250)
V. Poor Me — 'Why does my husband beat me?' (Anon., 12th Century)
VI. Games in May — 'I give you horses' (Folgore da san Geminiano, 1270–1330)
VII. Spring Rondeau — 'We'll to the woods and gather may' (Charles d'Orléans)

Text note

Arnaut Daniel, Philippe de Thaon, Anon., Peoro Meogo, Folgore da sau Geminiano, Charles d'Orleans