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So Much For You

for tenor (or soprano) and chamber ensemble

Year:  1975 Instrumentation:  One recorder player (sopranino, descant, tenor, bass and great bass); One percussion (small bells and wind chimes, 3 roto toms, 3 sus cymbals, two double bass bows, glockenspiel, vibraphone and antique cymbals); One keyboard player (organ, harpsichord and out-of-tune piano); Vocalist - speaking required and also has to play bass viol and rebec; Violinist - has to play quarter-tones.

Year:  1975
Instrumentation  One recorder player (sopran...

Composer:   Jonathan Ladd


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A setting of six poems

Commissioned note

Commissioned by APRA for the first conference of NZ Composers in August 1975

Contents note

Eros and Psyche; Moth in Winter; Ciao; Lover Death; Incubus; Postscript

Text note

Text by Robert H. Leek