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Trio on Hymn Tunes

for piccolo, clarinet/bass clarinet, and piano

Year:  2002   ·  Duration:  10m

Year:  2002
Duration:  10m


During my stay in Toronto, for a brief time I was able to make use of the piano in a local church in return for singing with the choir on Sundays, as they were, at that stage, short of members with good music reading skills. Although a short-lived arrangement, it was long enough for the contents of the hymnal in the chapel to inspire this Trio on Hymn Tunes. The piece is in four freely composed movements; each is based on one or more hymn tunes, the basis for my investigations being sometimes the melodic aspect of the hymn, and sometimes the harmonic one. Composed for Enamble 3 of Mexico City. Dedicated to my mother Alison Carey, from whom I have had the experience of hearing and singing hymns such as these from an early age.

Commissioned note

Written for Ensemble 3, Mexico City

Dedication note

to Alison Carey