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De Motu Naturae

electronic music

Year:  1985   ·  Duration:  16m

Year:  1985
Duration:  16m

John Rimmer

Composer:   John Rimmer

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John Rimmer: De Motu Natura...

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De Motu Naturae (On the Movement of Nature) was composed in 1985 in the small electronic studio established by the composer at the School of Music, University of Auckland. The sound sources for the piece are derived mostly from a large voltage-controlled synthesizer, the Roland 700, mixed with recordings of musical instruments such as a mandolin, a bell tree and a bass drum. The movement of nature with its large cyclic ebb and flow of rhythm is heard mainly in the fluid sounding patterns of random tone colours. Loud dramatic "brush strokes" of sounds punctuate and support the textures.

De Motu Naturae fits neatly into a family of environmentally inspired pieces which include Tides for horn and electronic music, Fleeting Images for computer-generated sounds and Projections at Dawn for clarinet and electronic music.