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Western Animation
The Art of Composing

Composition is a kind of magic. Shaping sounds to tell stories. The hardest thing is often how to start. Perhaps with a pencil and paper? Or how about utilising new technology? Sometimes it is easiest to start by playing with an instrument and slowly crafting the notes as you bring them to life.

In ‘The Art of Composing’ we start with the notes B, F, and C. But where does it go from there? The seconds tick by, and some ideas lead to a dead end. How about a viola countermelody? Yes, that’s it! And now, a floating taonga puoro line. The different colours and shades emerge in layers as eventually it all starts to take shape. See the inner workings of the mind of composer Jeremy Mayall as he transforms a melodic fragment into a soaring orchestral tutti.

Credits Composer: Jeremy Mayall 
Taonga Puoro Composition & Performance: Horomona Horo 
Artist and Animator: Manatoa Productions (Katarina Piercy, Joshua Aaron Robinson, Dmitriy Vlasov, Egan Wesener, Leo Tan, Kennedy Kioa Faimanifo) 
Produced by SOUNZ Centre for New Zealand Music 

Thanks to Creative New Zealand for providing funding for this animation