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Pacific Music Animations
Foafoa - Conch Shell

Known in Samoa as ‘foafoa’, conch shells are blown in the evening to signal prayer and family time, and again in the morning to herald the dawn of the new day. But how did this custom come to be? Learn how the immortal being Tapuitea ascended to the heavens in this ancient tale of deception, cannibalism, and ultimately, redemption.

Watch with English narration


Watch with Samoan narration

English Narrator & Scriptwriter: Tau’ili’ili Alpha Maiava 
Samoan Narrator: Tofilau Nina Kirifi-Alai 
Artist and Animator: Manatoa Productions (Kennedy Kioa Faimanifo, Keegan West, India Taberner, Lincoln Moa) 
Soundscape: Faiumu Matthew Salapu (aka Anonymouz) 
Samoan cultural consultant: Leuga Ape Taua’ana Ata Sofara 
Cultural advisors: Ma’ara Maeva and Hūfanga-He-Ako-Moe-Lotu Dr Okusitino Mahina Executive Producers: Diana Marsh and Tiumalu Noma Sio-Faiumu

Thanks to Creative New Zealand for providing funding for this animation