Programme | Hōtaka

Chaos of Delight III (Winner 1998)
Composer Eve de Castro-Robinson continues her Chaos of Delight series inspired by New Zealand Birdsong with a colourful and exuberant work for women’s choir.

The Improbable Ordered Dance (Winner 2001)
Composer Gillian Whitehead writes:
“In his 1974 collection ‘The lives of a Cell’, Lewis Thomas wrote a memorable essay devoted to the spectrum of sound made by all living creatures. He believes that as well as producing sounds in every possible way to send messages to their own kind, all creatures have the urge to make some kind of music. The rhythmic sounds emitted by all creatures might, Lewis suggests ‘be the recapitulation of something else – an earliest memory, a score for the transformation of inanimate random matter in chaos into the improbable ordered dance of living forms.’

Occulmente (Nominee 2018)
Composer Rosie Langabeer writes:
“Occulmente is an invented word that comes from the Latin verb ‘occulo’ (cover, conceal, hide) and the Spansh noun ‘mente’ meaning mind. It refers to the subconscious mind, from where the musical content of this composition emerged.”

Eve de Castro Robinson: Chaos of Delight III (Winner 1998)
Performed by Tower Voices New Zealand, conducted by Karen Grylls

Gillian Whitehead: The Improbable Ordered Dance (Winner 2001)
Performed by the Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra, conducted by Giordano Bellincampi

Rosie Langabeer: Occulmente (Nominee 2018)
Performed by Friction Quartet: Kevin Rogers and Otis Harriel (violins), Lucia Kobza (viola) and Doug Machiz (cello)

Approximate running time | Te roa: 42 minutes