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Suggested Choral repertoire


Repertoire list


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This list contains some of the New Zealand choral music we have at SOUNZ. Works with ^ have full length recordings or audio samples. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have, or if you need any help navigating our online catalogue.

Chris Artley: Night Prayer for SATB choir and keyboard accompaniment 
Chris Artley: Join Our Team for SSA choir and piano   
Chris Artley: Little Blue Pigeon for SSAA choir  
Chris Artley: Solitude for SATB choir, piano, and double bass  
David Hamilton: Anthem for Doomed Youth for tenor solo, SAATB choir, and chamber orchestra   
David Hamilton: St Luke's Magnificat for SATB choir and organ   
David Hamilton: When Santa Claus Comes for 2-part treble voices and piano  
Gillian Whitehead: Lullaby of Loss for SSSATB choir  
Jack Body: Music for the New Zealand Liturgy for SATB choir and organ  
Mark Smythe: Persephone for SSSSAA choir and harp  
Robbie Ellis: Bacon Madrigal for SATB quartet or choir  
Ross Harris: Ave Maris Stella for SSAATTBB choir  
David Hamilton: Whanau Marama for SATB choir and electronics


Alex Taylor: two years later for 12-part male voice choir ^
Christopher Marshall: For What Can Be More Beautiful? for SATB choir and chamber orchestra ^
David Gordon: Adam Lay y-Bounden for SATB choir and piano (also version for SSA choir)
David Gordon: Sing A New Song for SSA choir and piano ^
David Gordon: The Acolyte for SA or SSA choir and piano
David Gordon: There Is No Rose for SSA choir with mezzo-soprano and piano ^
David Hamilton: A Blessing of Light for solo baritone, SATB choir and piano
David Hamilton: A Charm for Rain: He Tua I Te Rangi for SSAA choir and piano
David Hamilton: Auld Lang Syne arrangement for SATB and piano
David Hamilton: In Flanders Fields for SATB choir and piano
David Hamilton: Mister Nobody for SAB choir and piano
Graham Parsons: By the Rivers of Babylon for SATB choir with optional piano and/or drum accompaniment (also versions for SSA & TTB choir)
Graham Parsons: Laudate Dominum (Psalm 150) a SATB Latin Motet with optional piano accompaniment
Tecwyn Evans: Lux Aeterna an unaccompanied setting for SSAA choir

Aaron Lloydd: Fundamental obligations of lawyers for SATB choir and orchestra
Chris Artley: I Will Lift Up Mine Eyes (Psalm 121) for SATB choir, organ and trumpet (also version for TTBB choir) ^
Chris Artley: I Will Lift Up Mine Eyes (Psalm 121) for SATB choir and keyboard
Chris Artley: O Magnum Mysterium for SATB choir
Chris Artley: Sanctus for SSAA choir and piano (also version for TTBB choir)
Chris Artley: The Lord is My Shepherd (Psalm 23) for SATB choir, piano or organ, 2 flutes or violins, or flute and violin
Chris Artley: The Lord is My Shepherd (Psalm 23) for SATB choir, piano or organ
Christopher Marshall: Glimpses of Love for SATB choir and wind ensemble/concert band ^
David Hamilton: A Birthday Offering for SATB choir and piano
David Hamilton: A Child Lay in a Little Crib for solo soprano, SSA choir and piano ^
David Hamilton: All this singing, one song for SATB choir
David Hamilton: Angels and Shepherd and Wise Men All for soprano and baritone soloists, SSA and SATB choirs, and organ
David Hamilton: Ave Maris Stella for SSA choir with singing bowl ^
David Hamilton: Come sleep. Oh sleep. for SSAA choir and piano
David Hamilton: Ecce beatam lucem for SSAATTBB unaccompanied choir ^
David Hamilton: Little Lord of Light a Christmas choral work for 2-part treble voices and piano
David Hamilton: Pirate Story for SATB choir and piano
David Hamilton: Salve Regina for SATB choir
David Hamilton: The Necessary Rain for soprano solo, mixed-voice choir and orchestra
Karlo Margetic: Et consumimur igni for SSA choir
Philip Norman: At the Lighting of the Lamps for SATB choir and full orchestra

Andrew Perkins: Christchurch Vespers for solo soprano, SATB choir and orchestra
Anthony Ritchie: God Defend New Zealand (arr.) for SATB choir
Cheryl Camm: Magical Glass for SSAA or TTBB choir (also versions for SATB or ATBB choir)
Craig Utting: Monument for SSAA choir and piano or organ ^
David Hamilton: A Bright Light Still Shines for SATB choir and piano
David Hamilton: Angele Dei for SSAATTBB choir ^
David Hamilton: Christmas Here and There for SATB choir and brass band
David Hamilton: Escape at Bedtime for SA choir and piano
David Hamilton: Hine e Hine (arr.) for solo soprano, SATB choir and piano
David Hamilton: Hoea Ra Te Waka Nei (arr.) for SSATB choir
David Hamilton: Shine Out, Fair Sun for SATB choir and piano
David Hamilton: Something Told the Wild Geese for SATB choir and piano
David Hamilton: Song in summer (from 'Down in the Farm') for SA and piano
David Hamilton: That Day is Waiting to be Born for solo soprano, SAB choir and piano
David Hamilton: The Captives' Hymn for 2-part treble voices, trombone and piano
David Hamilton: The Son of the Virgin for SA choir and piano ^
David Hamilton: When Music Sounds for SATB choir and piano
Dorothy Buchanan: Five Songs of Love and the Land for soprano (or mezzo), clarinet and SATB choir ^
Graham Parsons: Saturday Rain for TBB choir with optional piano accompaniment
Jack Body: Psalm 137 for SSAATTBB choir ^
James Wade: The Fly for SATB choir
John Psathas:  Nemesi for unaccompanied SATB choir ^
John Ritchie: We Bid You Welcome for SATB choir with soprano soloist ^
Keith Statham: Sonnet XVIII for SATB choir
Keith Statham: Three settings of Elizabethan/Jacobean poems for SATB choir
Leonie Holmes: Through Coiled Stillness for SATB choir, rainstick, finger cymbals
Mark Smythe: Nox Noctis (Reign of Night) for SSATB choir and electric guitar
Matthew Davidson: Zwei Motetten for SATB choir
Michael Bell: Mass for the Patronal Feast Latin mass in seven movements ^
Patrick Shepherd: Elegy for a Fallen City for unison voices with piano accompaniment ^
Patrick Shepherd: Timeless Land for SATB choir ^
Richard Oswin: Sweet Sleep and Altered Days for SSATB choir ^
Richard Oswin: Three Gallipoli Settings for SATB choir ^
Rosemary Russell: Let us Go in Peace for SATB choir with piano or guitar
Rosemary Russell: Prayer of the Cat for SATB choir
Rosemary Russell: Psalm 19 for unision voices with piano or guitar with optional choral harmonies
Ross Harris: Vobiscum in aeternum (I will be with you always) for SATB choir ^
Salina Fisher: Fallen for SSAA choir
Simon Eastwood: Confiteor Tibi for a capella choir
Stephen Lange: Gloria Deo! for unaccompanied SATB choir
Stephen Lange: He Wishes For the Cloths of Heaven for unaccompanied SATB choir
Susan Frykberg: Ubi Caritas for the 21st Century for SATB and organ with soprano and baritone soloists, crotales and woodblock
Tabea Squire: Morgenstern Lieder for SSAA choir


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