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The BIG SING repertoire ideas


Repertoire list


To borrow items or hire parts please email SOUNZ directly at


^ All of the following works are available to hire or buy through SOUNZ, and all have score samples to view online. Those with ^ have an audio sample or full-length audio/video content available online. Click on the titles for more information.

Mixed choir:

Archer, Chris: Aroha   
Artley, Chris: Ave Maria  
Artley, Chris: The Ashwell Carol

Artley, Chris: I Will Lift Up Mine Eyes (Psalm 121)^
Artley, Chris: Night Prayer
Artley, Chris: Song^    
Artley, Chris: The Mock Turtle's Song  
Baldwin, Andrew: O Magnum Mysterium^
Baldwin, Andrew: O vos omnes^
Becker, Pepe: O ignis spiritus
Cooper, Diane: arr. Hine e Hine
Eastwood, Simon: Confiteor Tibi
Ellis, Robbie: Bacon Madrigal     
Farquhar, David: Three of a Kind
Hamilton, David: A Traveller's Prayer: Ka u ki Matanuku   
Hamilton, David: Blessing
Hamilton, David: Festival Gloria
Hamilton: In Flander's Fields
Harris, Ross: Ave Maris Stella^       
Lange, Stephen: Gloria Deo!
Madden, Richard: He is Risen^
McLeod, Jenny: Deep in the forest
Mews, Douglas: Two New Zealand Folksongs of the Sea^
Oswin, Richard: Sweet Sleep and Altered Days^
Oswin, Richard: Three Gallipoli Settings
Oswin, Richard: Three New Zealand Folk Song Settings - 2009
Palmer, Juliet: The Moon
Parsons, Graham: By the Rivers of Babylon   
Parsons, Graham: Instructions For How to Get Ahead of Yourself While the Light Still Shines

Parsons, Graham: Laudate Dominum (Psalm 150)  
Puanaki, Richard: Ka Waiata Ki A Maria (Maori text)^  
Rimmer, John: Dies Sanctificatus
Ritchie, Anthony: Song of Hope^
Ritchie, John: Lord, when the Sense of Thy Sweet Grace
Russell, Rosemary: Lookin’
Shortis, Carol: An Tuiream Bais^      
Smythe, Mark: Umbra Animae^   
Stevenson, Roger: arr. E te ariki
(Maori text)^    
Wade, James: The Fly
Whitehead, Gillian: Lullaby of Loss     
Youens, Ryan: Heedless Conclusions   
Young, Anthony: Be Still     

Girls choir:

Adams, Chris: Sanctus^
Artley, Chris: Join Our Team
Artley, Chris: Little Blue Pigeon^     
Becker, Pepe: Taurus One - Night and Morning
Buchanan, Dorothy: The Canticle of St Francis
Burdon, Josie: Aotearoa (Maori text)^
Camm, Cheryl: Hinemoa  (Maori text)
Camm, Cheryl: Motu Puketutu
Crehan, Jonathan: Fresh Wind, Fresh Fire
Evans, Tecwyn: Hymn to the Virgin
Evans, Tecwyn: The Lamb
Fisher, Helen: Rain Games
Fisher, Helen: Te Whakaaro Pai Ki Nga Tangata
(Maori text)^
Hamilton, David: Count Me the Stars
Hamilton, David: Full Moon Rhyme
Hamilton, David: We Shall Walk Through the Valley
Holmes, Leonie: The Estuary
Holmes, Leonie: The Wanderer
Ker, Dorothy: Close-up of a Daisy^
Lange, Stephen: Ave Maria
McCallum, Sarah: Poem from War

McLeod, Jenny: A baby lying 
Moreno, Natalie: Songs for Breakfast
Oswin, Richard: Sanctus
Palmer, Juliet: Dopey

Ritchie, John: Canary Wine^
Russell, Rosemary: Magnificat 
Utting, Craig: Chestnuts on a Mantlepiece
Utting, Craig: Monument
van den Broek, Alex: Wild Daisies^
Youens, Ryan: Wild Daisies^

Boys choir: 

Artley, Chris: May God Bless You^      
Baker, Bruce: Prayer for Wholeness
Camm, Cheryl: A Red, Red Rose
Camm, Cheryl: Calon Lan
Camm, Cheryl: In the Bleak Midwinter
Camm, Cheryl: Maggie’s Rant
Camm, Cheryl: Magical Glass
Crehan, Jonathan: Storm (in a little bay)
Crehan, Jonathan: West Indian Lord’s Prayer
Dellow, Ronald: Three Songs 
Evans, Tecwyn: Lux Aeterna 
Hamilton: A Charm or Rain: He Tua I Te Rangi   
Hamilton: Ave Maris Stella
Hamilton: Night Watch Song
Hamilton: Song of a Drifter
Katene, Te Puoho: Calling Me Home

Katene, Te Puoho: Te Aroha  (Maori text)
Parsons, Graham: Changing the Clocks
Parsons, Graham: By the Rivers of Babylon
Parsons, Graham: The Driving Lesson
Ritchie, John: Full Fathom Five
Ritchie, John: Here's to the maiden
Ritchie, John: Kelvin Grove 
Taylor, Alex: Two Years Later