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NZCT Chamber Music Contest repertoire ideas


Repertoire list


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Many of these works have score samples, and those with • have an audio sample or full-length audio/video content available. 

Click on the titles for more information.

String Chamber Music


Adams: Prelude and Fugue for two violins and cello
Bray: Rena
Crehan: Trio Fantasia for two violin and cello •
Lilburn: String Trio
Pruden: String Trio
Ritchie: Spring String Trio


Adams: The Arianna Suite (version for four violins available)
Biddington: Two Pieces for four violins •
Gray: the silence
Harris: String Quartet No. 3 (Blood Red Roses)
Hill: String Quartets
Holmes: Fragment
Lilburn: String Quartet in E minor
Ritchie, J.: String Quartet
Statham: "Ina" an original Scottish Air
Statham: Elena's Waltz
Statham: Happy Days
Statham: Pastorale
Statham: Romance No.1
Statham: Such Sweet Sorrow
Taylor: four landscapes


Woodwind Chamber Music


Biddington: A Little Trio for Recorders
Biddington: Five Stories for Three Winds (mixed)
Biddington: Rosehips in Winter (mixed)
Biddington: Tongue in Cheek • (saxophones or clarinets)
Biddington: Trio for Recorders
Holloway: Malleus • (clarinets)


Adams: The Arianna Suite (flutes)  
Audain: A Charleston Kick With Steel Caps
• (saxophones)
Audain: bulletproof petals • (saxophones)
Biddington: Festival Dance • (clarinets)
Biddington: Lincoln Green Suite • (mixed)
Biddington: Nelson Breezes (clarinets)
Biddington: Theatre Music Suite • (mixed)
Biddington: Two Pieces for Saxophone Quartet
Ellis: Banda Chiflada (saxophones)
Ellis: Huff (saxophones)
Hunt: Microscores for Clarinet Quartet
Norman: A Short Suite • (saxophones)   
Rimmer: Brooklyn Dances (recorders)      
Ryan: Scherzo 1994 (saxophones)
Wilson: Variations on a Theme by Paganini • (clarinets)
Wilson: Slow Piece (clarinets)    


Audain: Swimming with Dinosaurs (recorders)
Biddington: Nursery Rhyme Suite • (mixed)
Lilburn: Wind Quintet (mixed) 
Wilson: Wind Quintet (mixed)   


Brass Chamber Music


Lilburn: Quartet for Brass      
Rimmer: Brooklyn Dances     


Camm: Four Pieces for Brass Quintet
Farquhar: Homage to Stravinsky •  
Rimmer: A Cambridge Canzona
Ritchie, J.: Partita


Piano Chamber Music

Six Hands:

Farr: Dua Lagu
Hamilton: Tui
Hamilton: Three Rags
Holmes: A Tedious Brief Scene: Bottom's Dance
Utting: Onslow College Suite

Eight Hands:

Carr: Foxtrot from "Coup de Folie"
Carr: In the Rangitaki Valley


Percussion Chamber Music


Harris: Ricochet 


Farr: Volume Pig 
Farr: Ukare Funk
Farr: Tubes    
Rimmer: Clouds over Pirongia


Piano Trios

Biddington: Music for Friends • 
Biss: Dance Trio 
Body: Fire in the Belly • 
Buchanan: Pacific Bolero 
Cowan: Subtle Dances    
Farr: Ahi •   
Holmes: When Expectation Ends    
Psathas: Island Songs  
Ritchie, A.: Piano Trio •  


Mixed Chamber Music


Adams: Contemporary Triptych • (fl, bsn, pno)
Biddington: Adagio Triste (vln, vln, pno)
Biddington: Trio • (fl, cl, pno)
Biddington: Trio (fl, vlc, pno)
Biddington: Trio (fl, vln, pno)
Biddington: Trio • (vln, vln, pno)
Biddington: Trio (vln, vla, pno)
Biddington: Trio Nr.2 (vln, vla, pno)
Carey: The Big Swim (fl, cl, pno)
Crehan: Trio Fantasia • (vln, vln, pno)
Gray: Trio (fl, vla, harp)
Grenfell: Poems of a Bright Moon (fl, cl, pno)
Hextall: Marx or Smith? • (cl, vla, pno)
Hunt: A Dragon Named Blake (sax, sax, pno)
Hunt: Beneath (cl, vln, pno)
Norton: Trio (vln, vln, pno) 
Norton: Trio • (cl, bsn, pno)
Psathas: Island Songs • (cl, vlc, pno) 
Rimmer: Kokako Dreams (fl, cl, pno)
Ritchie, A. Trio (cl, vlc, pno)
Statham: Flora • (cl, fl or vln, pno)
Statham: Landsdown Gardens * (cl, fl or vln, pno)
Wilby: Tri-Me-Trio (fl, cl, pno)


Bowater: Banshee (vln, vln, vlc, pno)
Hamilton: Hurdy Gurdy • (fl, cl, vln, pno) 
Hamilton: Jade Variations (fl, 3 vln, vlc)   
Norman: Bridgewater Quartet
• (fl, cl, vln, pno)
Norton: Quartet (vln, vln, vln, pno)


Hamilton: Kristallnacht (fl, gtr, pno, perc, perc) 
Harris: Fjärran (cl, str quartet)  
Rimmer: Summer Street (cl, str quartet)
Statham: Four Pieces for oboe and string quartet
Statham: Suite for flute and string quartet


audio sample or full-length audio/video content available online. Click to access. 


There are still many more chamber music works in the SOUNZ Catalogue!  Please click here to browse the full catalogue of works at SOUNZ - use the facets on the left-hand side of the page to narrow your search.  Please contact us for recommendations, tailored for the instrumentation of your group!

The works on this list are either new to SOUNZ Online, have been recommended for use in the NZCT Chamber Music Contest, or have been previously performed by school groups. Please contact us if you have any feedback regarding this list.