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Aotearoa - Orchestral and String Music by Douglas Lilburn - CD


Aotearoa - Orchestral and String Music by Douglas Lilburn - CD


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Sample Audio Concert Overture in D

Sample: 0:34-1:34

Sample Audio Canzona 3

Sample: 0:43-1:30

Sample Audio Allegro for Strings

Sample: 2:41-3:41

Sample Audio Canzona 1

Sample: 1:46-2:44

Sample Audio Canzona 4

Sample: 0:07-1:06

Sample Audio Diversions

Sample: 0:00-0:59

Sample Audio Overture: Aotearoa

Sample: 1:35-2:35

Sample Audio Introduction and Allegro for Strings

Sample: 2:38-3:38

Sample Audio Festival Overture

Sample: 1:10-2:00

Sample Audio Canzona 2

Sample: 1:32-2:32


Lilburn composed a number of orchestral works during the first of his three compositional periods. This works on this album date from the years 1939 (Festival Overture) to 1950 (third and fourth of the Four Canzonas) and include Lilburn's iconic Overture: Aotearoa (1940). The New Zealand Symphony Orchestra conducted by John Hopkins treats the listener to Overture: Aotearoa and Festival Overture, while the Ithaca College Festival Orchestra conducted by Grant Cooper spiritedly perform the complementary string orchestral works. The Ithaca College Festival Orchestra's recordings are taken from the American premieres of these works in 1996.

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