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Slap Tubes and Other Plosive Aerophones — BOOK + CD

Book or booklet paperback

Slap Tubes and Other Plosive Aerophones — BOOK + CD

Education resource Publication year: 2007



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Written by Phil Dadson and Bart Hopkin, world-renowned exponents in this area, this book contains 'the greatest music-making idea that most people have never heard of!' It tells you all about these percussion instruments and how to make them.

They can be simple to make, yet they are fully musical and they sound great! This is the category of musical instruments known as plosive aerophones, which includes the end-struck tubes sometimes called slap tubes. these instruments are good for kids, as they are educational, well suited to the classroom, and require only modest tools and skills. For others, young or old, they provide one of the most rewarding instrument-making projects you're likely to find. At the same time, slap tubes and their kin have been central to the performances of serious, top-notch musical groups like Blue Man Group, UAKTE, Urban Strawberry Lunch and From Scratch.


Publisher note

Experimental Musical Instruments

Author note

Dadson, Phil and Hopkin, Bart

Content note

CD includes an excerpt from Songs for Heroes by Phil Dadson and performances using other plosive instruments in the book.


Experimental Muscal Instruments 0-9727313-3-4