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'Easy Tunes for Tamariki' for cello and piano — hardcopy SCORE and PART

Hardcopy typeset

'Easy Tunes for Tamariki' for cello and piano — hardcopy SCORE and PART

Score and parts Publication year: 2022

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Sample Score

Sample: 1. Zoom Calypso (1st page)

Sample Score

Sample: 2. Cat and Mouse (1st page)

Sample Score

Sample: 3. Laser Kiwi Jive (1st page)

Sample Score

Sample: 4. A Sea Shanty (1st page)

Sample Score

Sample: 5. Manawanui (1st two systems)

Sample Score

Sample: 6. Happy-Go-Lucky (1st page)

Sample Score

Sample: 7. Baby Elephants at Play (1st page)

Sample Score

Sample: 8. Back and Forth (1st page)

Sample Score

Sample: 9. Clouds over Lake Hawea (1st page)

Sample Score

Sample: 10. Whistling Wind (1st page)

Sample Score

Sample: 11. Barn Dance (1st page)


Easy Tunes for Tamariki by composers from Aotearoa New Zealand
These pieces are for cello students at preliminary, grade 1 and grade 2 levels. They are arranged in approximate order of difficulty for the string player.

Youth Music Festival Whakanui o Puoro (formerly Piano Plus Festival) is Wellington Branch IRMTNZ’s annual performance showcase for students of all ages and instruments, in which each performer’s programme must include a piece by a composer from Aotearoa New Zealand. As there was a shortage of such music published for beginners and early grades for instruments other than piano, Wellington Branch IRMTNZ committee organised the Easy Tunes for Tamariki project. Pieces in this volume were chosen from responses to a call for scores.

For the downloadable PDF version, click here.

See also: 'Easy Tunes for Tamariki' for violin and piano.


  1. Jillaine Wilson: Zoom Calypso
  2. David Woodcock: Cat and Mouse
  3. Rosie Langabeer: Laser Kiwi Jive
  4. Ross Carey: A Sea Shanty
  5. Clive Aucott: Manawanui
  6. Simon Eastwood: Happy-Go-Lucky
  7. David Woodcock: Baby Elephants at Play
  8. Peter Feehan: Back and Forth
  9. David Hamilton: Clouds over Lake Hawea
  10. Benjamin Sneyd-Utting: Whistling Wind
  11. David Hamilton: Barn Dance


38pp; v; 24p + part (9p)


Publisher note

Wellington Branch IRMTNZ / SOUNZ Licence

Content note

Eleven pieces by nine composers, for cello students at preliminary, grade 1 and grade 2 levels