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Ross Harris and Robin Perks | The Kugels at Breaker Bay — CD


Ross Harris and Robin Perks | The Kugels at Breaker Bay — CD

Audio/visual Publication year: 2020



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Anna Gawn | vocals
Ross Harris | accordion
Jacqueline Nordon | bass
Robin Perks | violin
Debbie Rawson | clarinets

The second album by Wellington based band The Kugels (see their first album here) features all new compositions by Ross Harris and Robin Perks, with arrangements by the band members. The original instrumental quartet of bass, accordion, violin and clarinet, has expanded into a quintet with the addition of the remarkable voice of Anna Gawn, who sings new songs with Yiddish texts by Holocaust poets. The rest of the album introduces new and original instrumental numbers in the Kugels’ familiar Klezmer style.

Track listing:

  1. Viglid 3
  2. Pavloye Marche
  3. Tirohia
  4. Oy Vey
  5. Klezmer Dance
  6. Hanoe
  7. Zahk
  8. Shtetl Tanz
  9. Doina / Rukhelleh
  10. Doina - solo voice
  11. Magla Padnala V Dolina
  12. The Fiddler
  13. Kh'vel Mitnemen
  14. Di kri'ye geyt (Ice flow)
  15. Arum dem Fayer
  16. Farklempt
  17. Vinter Nign
  18. Beregovsky 1
  19. Beregovsky 2
  20. Beregovsky 3
  21. Beregovsky 4
  22. Beregovsky 5
  23. Beregovsky 6
  24. Khokhme
  25. Shteln
  26. Shtil lomar ale farshvindn
  27. Bubkes
  28. Baybak
  29. Ajde jano
  30. Viglid 4


60m 2s


Publisher note

Atoll Records