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Xenia Pestova Bennett: Atomic Legacies - DIGITAL ALBUM

Digital sound file mp3

Xenia Pestova Bennett: Atomic Legacies - DIGITAL ALBUM

Audio/visual Publication year: 2020


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"Dispositioned traces of glowing matter slip into our cells, into the spaces between our bodies, into our selves…"

-- Eve Andree Laramee --
'Tracking Our Atomic Legacy: Now We Are All Sons of Bitches' - Women Eco Artists Dialog, Issue Number 5, 2012

The Magnetic Resonator Piano (MRP) is the brainchild of Andrew McPherson, who has been working on this instrument since 2009. Electromagnets are installed above the strings of a regular concert grand without physical contact with the action, allowing for control of minute details of shimmering resonance, fragile pitch bends, sliding crescendi from silence and sustained "bowed" sounds that the performer can shape directly from the keyboard. For a pianist used to the inviolable earth-bound principles of attack and decay, this magical package provides the fuel to grow wings and discover flight.

All of the sounds heard on this recording are produced acoustically. Only whole takes were used and there are just two edits, both to slightly restrict duration.

Xenia Pestova Bennett | Magnetic Resonator Piano

with the Ligeti Quartet:

Mandhira de Saram | violin
Patrick Dawkins | violin
Richard Jones | viola
Val Welbanks | cello

Track listing:

  1. Radium
  2. Plutonium
  3. Tritium
  4. Radon
  5. Actinium
  6. Atomic Legacies