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Ariana Tikao | From Dust to Light - CD


Ariana Tikao | From Dust to Light - CD


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"This is my third solo album. The title has a few different meanings. Primarily, it was inspired by the devastating earthquake in my home town of Christchurch (Ōtautahi), New Zealand. The quake of 22 February 2011 shook our foundations in a physical sense wreaking havoc over the city, causing buildings to fall, killing 185 people. Dust rose above the city that day from crumbling buildings. As you can imagine, it not only affected us physically, but emotionally and spiritually. Once, you believed that the earth beneath you was solid and dependable, but when it is shaking you off your feet, it mucks with your sense of reality.

Many people lost loved ones, homes, jobs, businesses and other places of significance. From the wreckage though, people are picking themselves up, forging ahead into new growth and opportunities. Some songs on this album are a response to what we experienced in Christchurch, some are an offer of hope and light. Another interpretation of the title is to do with the revival of knowledge coming from dusty pages and into something new as they receive new breath and expression."

-- Ariana Tikao (from the liner notes, From Dust to Light) --

Track listing:

  1. Te Haeata
  2. My Da
  3. Espresso
  4. Oxygenated
  5. Te Heke
  6. Something To Give
  7. Titi Whakatai Arorua
  8. Ka Roimata
  9. Beautiful
  10. Let There Be Light
  11. Purveyor Of Light


Publisher note

Native Tongue Music Publishing