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Fraser, Leamy, Johnstone | PANTHALASSA - downloadable MP3 ALBUM

Digital sound file mp3

Fraser, Leamy, Johnstone | PANTHALASSA - downloadable MP3 ALBUM

Audio/visual Publication year: 2019



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Al Fraser | nga taonga puoro
Sam Leamy | guitar, effects
Neil Johnstone | soundscapes, synthesisers, sample manipulation, synthstrom deluge


Phil Boniface | double bass
Erika Grant | ocean harp
Ariana Tikao | vocals
Jake Church | guitar
Pete Deane | guitar

Panthalassa was the super ocean that surrounded the super continent Pangaea during the Palaeozoic-Mesozoic era.

Panthalassa, the album, is an abstract and impressionist work in which conceptual ideas are explored through the luminous ngā taonga pūoro playing of Al Fraser, the evocative atmospheric soundscapes of Neil Johnstone, and the virtuosic drones and textures created by guitar player Sam Leamy.

The album explores a unique sound world through the use of hydro-phonic recordings of migrating marine animals from Cook Strait/Raukawa. These recordings, made and supplied by NIWA, present a very rich and diverse sonic environment, which may change in the future due to the diminishing of native marine species.

Throughout the album, notions relating to the nature and experience of time, communication, and nonlinear representations of time informs the atmosphere, character, and thematic intent of this work. We can’t say whether marine creatures experience time as we do, but this project is an attempt to reflect the strangeness (to humans) of whale, dolphin and seal consciousness, as well as the singular nature and textural qualities of a unique sonic environment. Panthalassa is a response to the on-going erosion and potential loss of this environment.

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Click below to hear audio samples and download individual tracks:

  1. Paleozoic Dawn
  2. Bone White Moon
  3. Rorqual
  4. Echolocation
  5. Bathysphere
  6. Glacial Imprints
  7. Hinatore
  8. Ghost Shark
  9. Light Bearing (Shallowtails)
  10. Spiracles
  11. Whale Time
  12. Mesozoic Extinction

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